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Welcome to our Faith Family
a Reconciling in Christ congregation

We worship regularlywe grow faithfully
We give generously                            We serve graciously
And we live in community together
Magnolia Lutheran Church is where everyone can find a welcoming, caring, friendly home. Here is a sanctuary, filled with the love and grace of our Lord and modeled by our Savior Jesus Christ. 

We believe God’s love is for everyone and so commit to provide inclusive acceptance, spiritual nourishment, inspiring kindness and a gracious and loving faith community.

We believe all of God's creations are holy and welcome to receive the sacraments, and to share in fellowship and service here. All people of every ability, race, family or marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic condition and background belong here, Reconciling in Christ as children of God.

All are beautiful as they are 
All are part of God’s masterpiece 
All are loved as they are 
ALL are welcome here

Invitation to the Grace Gathering