Our Pastor and Staff

Welcome to Magnolia Lutheran Church!
Pastor Kevin Bates

Within these pages you will find images and information about the ministries that happen here.

Among these are:
A vibrant worship experience
A growing children's ministry
A generous social ministry addressing human hurts
A unique, community-based youth ministry
A people who are called to love

 At Magnolia Lutheran Church, all are welcome. First time visitors will find a gracious welcome.  No one will be asked to stand out; yet everyone is seen and received. Communion is offered  every service, every Sunday. The simple gifts of bread and wine become an abundant promise  of mercy, forgiveness, and grace. At Magnolia Lutheran Church, all are welcome at the Table.
 If you are looking for a church home, I invite you to come and worship. If you find rest and awakening for your soul, please contact  me at the church office. I would love to speak with you about the next steps in the journey of faith. If the fit is not quite right, feel free  to contact me nonetheless. Perhaps I can assist in helping you find a church home that is right for you.

 Consider this website your invitation to worship, and your invitation to participate in ministry. We believe that Christ is present in  community-and present in your daily life. We believe that God is active through the Church. Come and grow in faith!
    Rev. Dr. Kevin Bates

Magnolia Lutheran Church Staff

Ministers Members of the Congregation

The Reverend Dr. Kevin L Bates

Director of Music & Organist
Ann Simonson

Parish Administrator
Parish Administrator Chris Copley
Chris Copley

Parish Caretaker
Mara Meloy

Worship Assistants Click Here To See Weekly List

Congregation Officers 2015-2016
President Monica Scheiber
Vice President Lu Ann Mitchell
Secretary Nick Milham
Treasurer Dwight Dively
Financial Secretary Alice Pease
Congregation Council
Monica Scheiber 2017 Beth Harwood 2018
Lu Ann Mitchell 2017 Nick Milham 2019
Nina Steidl 2017 Chris Backman 2019
Tim Bechtold 2018 Aaron Stevens 2019
Kathleen Rowan 2018
Lay Eucharistic Ministers
Celeste Stubbs